One of the most complex areas of law, estate planning can have a significant impact on your life and that of your family. If you need to plan your estate, rely on a California estate-planning attorney that listens and responds to your needs. The Law Office of Patrick D. O’Neil is here to craft a detailed plan for your exact needs. Whether making out a will, creating a power of attorney, or deciding who will make decisions regarding health care, these and other areas require careful consideration and expert advice from experienced attorneys. If you need to learn more about estate planning, rely on the Law Office of Patrick D. O’Neil to make sure your family is protected and your assets are controlled as you wish.

Analyzing Your Individual Situation
Since no two estate plans are alike, it is crucial you work with an attorney who can carefully analyze your individual situation. By doing so, they can make suggestions as to how it will be possible to minimize tax liabilities regarding state and federal estate and gift laws, how to establish living trusts, and what will be involved in selecting guardians for minor children or aging parents. By developing unique relationships with our estate planning clients, proactive solutions are put in place to protect their interests in the future.

Carrying Out Your Wishes
Whether you are making out a will, trust, or other documents, it is vital your estate plan be constructed in a manner that ensures your wishes are carried out exactly as you desire. If you fail to plan ahead for the future, not only will a judge be able to appoint someone to handle your estate, but relatives you may not even know or like will be given first priority when inheriting your assets. To keep this from happening, always work with an attorney that can help you create your estate plan.

Whether you have a large or small estate, it is always best to conduct estate planning that will give you control over your assets upon disability or death. Therefore, schedule a consultation with the Law Office of Patrick D. O’Neil as soon as possible.

Planning Ahead Puts You in Control – Even if You’re Disabled
Estate planning allows an individual to retain control of what happens to their assets not only after their death, but also while they are alive. Disability planning is one aspect of estate planning that is designed to function during the life of the planner. A properly drafted estate plan will provide clear instructions and authorization for how to handle any periods of disability and/or incapacity the planner may suffer from during their lifetime. Crucially, a well-drafted estate plan will also provide clear terms indicating how a planner may restore their status and regain managerial control over their assets, should the disability be temporary.

A properly drafted estate plan will avoid all of the pitfalls associated with passing property outside of a correctly prepared – and maintained – estate plan.

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