Were you recently named as the executor of an estate? When the person who named you to this capacity passed away, they left behind a certain amount of property, assets, and debts. When you clear away the debts, what is ultimately left is a series of items that form their estate. This is what you are responsible for overseeing the disposition of.

What can a California Probate Attorney Do for you?

When the person who originally owned the estate died, you were left with the task of being their executor. This means that you must now be a part of a process called probate. As executor, it will be your responsibility to send a formal petition the court to convene a probate estate hearing.

The purpose of probate is to give a full account and valuation of all of the assets that form the estate. At this time, anyone who has a claim to make against the estate will be given a chance for a fair hearing in court.

As executor of the estate, you may feel that it is your duty to resist any challenge of this kind. If you feel that certain parties are filing frivolous or openly fraudulent claims, you can fight back. Your best course of action will be to hire an experienced litigator and probate attorney to back you in your fight against these claims.

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Dealing with legal challenges in your capacity as executor can be an upsetting and deeply aggravating experience. You don’t have to take on these challenges alone. The Law Office of Patrick D. O’Neil is here to help you through the process. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do to make your probate experience as easy and efficient as possible.

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